This was a super fun commercial which was created for the American market to advertise Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash. Hormel Foods and Fallon approached NOMINT to create this surreal mix of live action and retro stock footage, playing on memories of an idyllic American suburban weekend brunch in the 1950’s/1960’s.

I was brought in as lead art director and designer to develop this concept into a fully designed storyboard. I sourced original stock footage where I could, and treated it to give the impression you were watching it on an old TV in the 1950’s. The whole project was a pleasure to work on, and I particularly enjoyed playing with scale and creating surreal compositions.

Client: Hormel Foods
Advertising agency: Fallon
Production company: NOMINT
Direction: Christos Lefakis
Executive Producer: Marilena Vatseri
Head of Production: Nefeli Petika
Animation Producer: Nathalie Le Berre
Live Action Producer: Rupert Greaves
DOP: Ian Murray
Food Stylist: Kelly Bowers
Design: Roxanne Silverwood, Camille Ferrari
Animation: Pascal Miller, Tony Comley, Kim Alexander
Compositing: Tony Comley, Pascal Miller, Freddie Lewis-Wall
Color Grade: Cheat